1. Please open the Play Store and download “Woowandroid WP”,

2. After the install is complete, please open the application,
then fill in the domain,
whatsapp number to automate,
and the name of the device owner (only as a marker), then click NEXT,

3. After that select the connection type whether https or https, then click NEXT,

4. After that you enter the stage to connect Woowandroid with Woocommerce,

follow the steps below to get a Key and a Secret:
4.a) Enter the wordpress dashboard, then go to Woocommerce >> Settings

4.b) After that click the Advanced tab,

4.c) Then click on REST API,

4.d) First you need to create a new Key by clicking Add key,

4.e) Then fill in the description (free to fill in what) and select Permissions Read / Write,

Then click the Generate API key

4.f) After that you will get a Key and Secret that can be retrieved using a qr code scan,

5. Return to your Woowandroid Application, click SCAN QR

6. Scan the QR Code that appears on your website’s woocommerce dashboard,

7. After the Key and Secret have been copied, click SIGN IN,

8. After that you will enter the dashboard woowandroid, for the sake of smooth robot automation, then you need to do the following 3 things,

8.a) Click Accessibility Service

8.b) Scroll down to find a menu to activate Accessibility for Woowandroid,

8.c) Klik toggle di kanan atas (atau sesuaikan dengan style di smartphone Anda),

click OK,

The activation service phase has finished.

9. Now we proceed to the next stage which is to turn off the lock screen so Woowandroid can automate your WhatsApp,

9.a) Click Turn Off Lock Screen,

9.b) Select None,

9.c) Click CLEAR on credential storage,

The stage of shutting down the lockscreen has finished, until here actually woowandroid can work properly,

10. If you want to be more optimal, you can turn off Battery Optimization in the Woowandroid application,

10.a) Click Turn Off Battery Optimization,

10.b) If woowandroid is not in the front of the list, look for All apps,

10.c) Scroll down to the “W” alphabet to find Woowandroid,

if you have found, click the toggle to turn off,

If it has been turned off, please return to your woowandroid application and enjoy using it 🙂