Privacy Policy and terms of service

Data confidentiality and security compromise

– WOOWA does not in any way sell or share databases. WOOWA will maintain the confidentiality of data received and will not use it for other purposes as previously stated. Likewise, we will implement all the steps needed to avoid changes, losses, unauthorized access, or interventions in your personal data or numbers that you send messages.

– WOOWA does not sell or share your personal identification information (as your mobile number) with other businesses for commercial or marketing use, in any form.

– WOOWA cannot guarantee the number you are connecting with WOOWA will not be blocked by Official Company, WOOWA can only recommend ways to minimize blocked risks in the form of:

Connect Instant Messaging numbers that are> 30 days old or previously used to move humanely in the form of reply chats, save contact, join groups, send photos, scan qr code on personal desktop Instant Messaging, fill in profile details, and other types of activities in Instant Messaging chat application,
Avoid sending spam messages or mass messages or blasters that are not desired by the recipient of the message,
Make informed consent or request permission to the recipient of the message before sending Instant Messaging Automatic messages to those who state that they are willing to send messages via Instant Messaging,
Avoid sending messages in more than 500 messages / hour,
Avoid sending messages with words or sentences that are 100% identical to many numbers

– WOOWA is not obliged to replace the blocked number.

Usage rules and restrictions

– All WOOWA users must follow this acceptable usage policy. If you violate this policy, we can suspend or cancel your account.

Forbidden action:

– Send spam, that is, send mass messages that are not desired by the recipient of the message

– Use material that you do not create yourself, or that can violate copyright or third party rights. This includes text, images, video and audio.

– Send deceptive information of any kind

– Sending information that cannot be justified

– It is not permissible to send text or multimedia messages that include words or messages that contain: Obscene words, threats, incitement to violence, racist acts, oppression, pornography in any form, harassment and all that might attack general welfare and behavior that well. If one of these rules is violated, you will be subject to appropriate legal procedures, and you will be removed from the system immediately.

– You represent that you are over 18 years old, and fully capable and competent to access the terms, conditions, obligations, affirmations, declarations and guarantees set out in these Terms and Conditions, and comply with the Terms and Services.

-WOOWA can refuse to provide services, close each user’s account and change the eligibility requirements at any time.

Service conditions

Please read this carefully. You agree to this provision. This is a legal agreement between you and WOOWA.

– WOOWA is a messaging service offered through the URL: along with its subdomain that allows you to manage Instant Messaging messages to each recipient by synchronizing your system with WOOWA. Exchange of messages will be generated when the first action takes the form of acceptance on the Woowa server. After this action, action can be taken.

– Your payment is only to finance the use of the platform, our hardware and software resources. Instant Messaging’s own message is free.

– You accept to keep WOOWA unscathed from any damage, liability, loss, responsibility, expense or debt and expenses resulting from violations of our Terms and Conditions of service and acceptable usage rules and restrictions, violations of third parties, including rights copyright, property rights or privacy rights.

– WOOWA or you can terminate this agreement at any time and for any reason with or without notice. We can suspend services to you anytime, with or without reason. If we cancel your account for no reason, we will refund partially or fully from your predetermined payment. We will not refund or return money if there is a cause, namely a violation of the previous rules and restrictions.

– You are responsible for keeping your username and password confidential. You must immediately notify us about unauthorized use of your account. We are not responsible for losses due to lost or hacked passwords. We do not have access to your actual password, and for security reasons,

We do not have access to your actual password, and for security reasons, we can only reset it.

– You assume full responsibility for any losses that may occur as a result of misuse of the WOOWA platform.

– You hereby compromise to compensate WOOWA (including attorneys’ fees) for any actions resulting from any complaints due to unauthorized or prohibited actions detailed in all service legal documents, as well as those resulting from third party complaints using passwords. You.

– WOOWA will not be responsible for delays or damage to the Service, because anything is out of our control. These include legal changes or regulatory changes, changes to Instant Messaging rules, embargoes, wars, terrorist acts, riots, fires, earthquakes, nuclear accidents, floods, strikes, power outages, volcanic activity, severe meteorological conditions and hackers or internet services third party service provider.

– publicly states that Instant Messaging Company does not support sponsoring or supporting WOOWA in any way. Instant Messaging is a multi platform instant messaging service patented by Instant Messaging Company.

– As we continue to update services, it is possible that legal provisions are also updated. If for any reason, you do not agree to this change, do not continue to use our services. If you continue to use our services, you will accept our new terms.

– WOOWA cannot guarantee that the service will remain without error or is not always interrupted.