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Local pickup plus compatibility

Kindly make the plugin compatible with Pickup location so that we can be able to tell our clients details about their local pick up

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nama akun whatsapp bisa disetting

Assalamu’alaykum bang ane punya request supaya tampilan nama akun wa kita berubah dari nomor wa menjadi nama yang bisa kita tentukan, contoh Amien Rais Official. biar kustomer percaya kalo nomor wa ini resmi dari kita bukan spam

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2 votes

Charge per message

Remove the monthly subscription and let users recharge thier account and be charge a specifit amount per message sent.

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8 votes

Statics about my whatsapp account

for example average response time of the customer, our average response, number of messages sent/received

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7 votes

Akses Fitur Broudcash dan Fitur waforms

Halo mas, saya sebagai penggguna woowandroid berharap agar bisa menggunakan Fitur Brpoudcash. dan saya Juga berharap agar ada Fitur pembuatan Forms seperti klikwaforms.com.. klo Fitur waforms ini ada di woowandroid saya yakin nnti user woowa bisa makin banyak aamiin..

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Broadcast [With Image] + [MultiTab Browser] + [Schedule] + [Max Sending Message]

[With Image] : Kirim Broadcast dengan Gambar, tidak hanya text saja [MultiTab Browser] : Kirim Broadcast dengan nomor/license yang berbeda (MultiTab) jalan berbarengan.. Contact/CSV file yang di upload tidak tercampur [Schedule] : Kirim Broadcast dengan Schedule per Nomor/per License [Max Sending Message] : Kirim Broadcast dibatasi hanya mengirim 500 perJam, jika CSV File berisi 1000 […]

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9 votes

Invoices for subscriptions

I would like to receive invoices for my upcoming subscription say 7 days before is falls due, a reminder in 3 days and the invoice for the payment on the day of payment.

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