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Pemisahan User Owner dan user IT

Fitur Owner bisa lihat semua, tapi user IT hanya bisa integrasi aja (ga bisa add license dan ubah nomor HP)

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Filte in in the broadcast section

To be able to filter by variables in the broadcast tool(Like a pivot table). this way we can select the group to broadcast depending on the variable. Right now, there is no way to filter and we must send to all the recipients at once or do one by one and its cumbersome Thank you […]

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woowandroid integrasi whmcs

untuk woowandroid kalau bisa integrasi dengan whmcs memudahkan kami yang bisnis nya di bidang hosting

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Tambahkan Shortcode Download Produk Digital Woocomerce WordPress

hilfans, [12.11.20 10:12] di woowa woocomerce wordpress tidak ada short code untuk download link product digital, setelah transaksi berhasil cheackout, hanya ada {product_name_link} mohon woowa bisa menambahkan shortcode link download produk digital.

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whatsappweb for livechat inside woo-wa

To be able to chat with customers from whatsapp web in different devices as when woo-wa is setup we cant log in whatsapp web from other device. the point is to be able to chat with customer from multiple devices mantining woo-wa

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Kirim WA melalui URL server untuk paket Woowa server (eco)

Paket Woowa server (eco) selama ini mengirim WA menggunakan API, karena server ada di woo-wa, maka alangkah baiknya dibikin juga bisa ngirim chat wa menggunakan URL ke server woowa eco tersebut. Misalnya seperti ini: https://app.woo-wa.com/”no-lisensi”,”token”,”no-wa-tujuan”,”isi-pesan”

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