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Intergrate with WooCommerce Bookings

Notification for book date and time, and show your booking is 3 day later, 1 day later. So that able to remind the customer on the booking

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shipping date and time sort code

Hi Im using WooCommerce Order Delivery plugin to give the customers option to pick shipping date and time for the order, its passible to add the sort code of the shipping sate and shipping time ? Order Delivery for WooCommerce thanks!

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Tolong buatkan endpoint API untuk rubah nomor whatsapp

Dear Tim WOO WA Jika berkenan mohon di buatkan endpoint api untuk rubah nomor whatsapp saat ini kan sudah ada endpoint api untuk generate QR Code, tanggung kalo gak ada fitur rubah nomor whatsapp # Referensi URL: https://wablas.com/documentation MENU: Change Sender

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