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Charge per message

Remove the monthly subscription and let users recharge thier account and be charge a specifit amount per message sent.

Requests Ibrahim M Ibrahim shared this idea

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  1. Its important to me because i may be
    receiving only 15 orders per month and paying a flat fee of $14 per month will not work for me. But will work for those having too many customers.

    So if you can provide me with a wallet where i can recharge the ammount i need. And to be charged per message, this means i cannot finished $14 per month because am receiving low orders. Therrfot the higher the message the higher i finished my credit. I can be charged $0.0026 per message.

    1. ooh i see, understood brother, let see how many users request for this, thank you so much for your request brother, appreciate that.

      Anyway just for information, we built woowa for someone who already overwhelmed for handling big amount of orders, if only 15 order per month, we believe you’re not need woowa yet brother, because 15 order per month mean only 1 order/1 notification per 2 days, no need for automation yet, but still we appreciate your request, thank you bro

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