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Abandoned Cart Auto Sendv

English: Hi, if you can add the feature of auto-sending text to abandoned carts after some time, then it will be much helpful. Indonesian: Hai, jika Anda dapat menambahkan fitur pengiriman teks otomatis ke gerobak yang ditinggalkan setelah beberapa waktu, maka itu akan sangat membantu.

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Why my order on hold!

I purchased a Yearly license but my order showing on hold why. and license keys not showing in the admin area

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Package laravel untuk woowa eco

Pasti banyak yang terbantu. Contoh: $response = Woowa::make($licenseKey)->sendMessage('628123123123', 'halo'); dd($response); // 'success' $response = Woowa::make($licenseKey)->sendMessage('628123123123', 'halo')->async(); dd($response); // '12093019909' $response = Woowa::make($licenseKey)->getMessageStatus('12093019909'); dd($response); // 'success' $response = Woowa::make($licenseKey)->checkNumber('628123123123); dd($response); // 'not_exists' dst…

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Woocommerce Chatbot Words Automations

To be able to create automation in the chatbot linked to woocommerce. For example if the customer types "invoice" in the chat you can link to it according to their data and resend the same by verifying id order, username and password.

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